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Galeo D.O.O., Kiinteistövälitystoimisto, Montenegro, Budva, Budva

Galeo D.O.O.
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I'm Ksenia Kolybelina, Director of the Agency "Galeo". I was born in Moscow, graduated from Institute of foreign languages named Morisa Toreza on a speciality "English" and for many years worked in the foreign law firms. Since 2005, I constantly live in Montenegro and founded my own real estate company here. I speak fluent English and Serbian languages.

When clients come to us - our issue is not only to help them in purchasing real estate including all the paper work, but also to save as much of their money as possible. We pay sincere attention to their life situations and truly understand their human problems.

It is important that objects that can be seen on our website is only a small part of what we can offer you.

With pleasure we will carry out preliminary selection options when corresponding by phone, email or Skype.

We provide management of the purchased apartment or house that includes payment of invoices, repairs, assistance in purchasing furniture, hiring, organizing cleaning, etc.

We will select and reserve for you a suitable hotel or private apartment. We can help you to open a company bank account, make all kinds of insurance.

We will carry out the translation and simultaneous interpretation-not only when buying a property, but in any practical situation. We will give comprehensive legal advice on matters related to buying property in Montenegro.

Call us, drop in. We will discuss everything without haste. Out first consultation is absolutely free. We will treat you to delicious coffee.


Budva, Budva
  • Mediteranska 21, Budva, Montenegro
  • +382 69 575 835
  • Fax: +382 69 451 885
  • Viber: + 382 69 575 835
  • Skype: ksenijagaleo
  • Työaika:
  • Maanantai - Perjantai
  • 8:17 - 9:14 Tuntia

42.2829 18.8369 16

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